We are in the middle of a relentless war. We have become desensitized and complacent. The enemy has crept into every facet of our society, destroying countless lives. There are many forces allied against us, all aimed at keeping us fat, tired, in pain and sedentary. We can choose to either lay down our arms and become another statistic … or stand up and fight.

You may think this a bit exaggerated, but nonetheless, if many of us want to win the quest to a healthier life, we must look at this as a fight. While none of us are laying our lives on the line like our brave and commendable military and law enforcement, we are responsible for achieving health and happiness, maintaining our own freedom to live a better life, and ultimately in charge of our own life and death.

Yes, It is THAT Important

So if you want to live a healthier and happier life, you must remember that this is an outcome determined by your behaviors. If the reasons behind your goals are important to you on a deep level, then you already have some powerful ammunition in your arsenal. And let me tell you, you’ll need it because the world is not going to make it easy for you. Unhealthy food is fast, cheap and available on every corner. Every social event is loaded to the hilt with alcohol and unhealthy options. The enemies abound.

What’s more, these enemies often come in friendly disguises and hidden in plain sight, working to sabotage your efforts. And one of the worst? Well, look in your mirror…

Your old self is the person that was unhappy and wanted change. But change is difficult and frightening. And years of routine just might have made you loathe to carry on the battle. That means that if you want to forge a healthier you and happier life, sometimes you must destroy your old motivations, habits, hobbies and ways of living.

Here is my challenge to you

  • Become a Warrior.
  • Think of every temptation as an adversary.
  • Consider every decision you make a chance for victory or defeat in a battle.
  • If a friend offers you a drink or a there is cake at the office, make the right choice.
  • If you had a tough day at work and don’t feel like going to the gym, make the right choice.

You can choose to stand up and fight for victory or you can hoist the white flag of defeat. Just remember: war is difficult and there will be causalities along the way. You may stumble from time to time or have to say “no” to things you enjoy. But don’t give in, because with each small victory you gain more ground and push the enemy back.

Remember, that small victories will win out in the end. So make every day full of small victories, and you will come out on top.

Dedicated to your success,

– Coach Brad

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