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Kellie R.

33 year old fire fighter

Some things just run in the family. For Kellie, it’s fighting fires. Kellie’s grandfather retired from Omaha Fire Department, her father was a Captain on the OFD, her step mother was among the first women to serve for the city, and her brother is currently on the force. Needless to say, becoming a fire fighter was something Kellie always wanted to accomplish.

She completed her first “practice run” of the fire fighter’s qualification physical four seconds beyond the time allowed. Kellie then teamed with Brad at the Bodysmith and completed her second “practice run” a month later with a full minute to spare. Kellie then passed the official physical with a minute and twenty seconds to spare, a time better than several men.

Before working with Brad, Kellie spent a lot time and energy lifting with incorrect technique, neglecting her core and working only major muscle groups. “I often had pain that prevented me from completing my workouts,” explains Kellie. “Brad took the time to comprehend the unique demands of the fire fighter’s physical and helped me train specifically and efficiently within pain-free parameters.”

Kellie is reminded daily of how physically demanding her job is. “You never know if you’ll be lifting a 300 pound individual on to the stretcher or battling a business fire through the night gripping a hose with intense water pressure. Regardless, you have to be able to do it safely, day-in and day-out.” No doubt, lots of people count on Kellie.

So she continues to train with Brad at the Bodysmith. Her latest accomplishment was to hoist a 40-foot ladder into the air all by her lonesome (but with the help of Brad). 

Elizabeth A.

Lost 7% body fat in 4 months!

“I was really tired all of the time, never got much sleep, I was dragging a lot. I had lots of of migraines. Just felt yucky.

“It’s been a very energetic, happy, great experience. I don’t know where I would be now, health wise, if I hadn’t made it here. I would have been stuck in the same place I was.

“I love coming to group classes. It always gives me motivation to come back and be in class, everybody here is very, very positive. You are always getting great encouragement, whether it is from the trainers or from the other group members.

“My whole lifestyle has changed–the way I eat, what I eat and how I go through every day. I have a different outlook on everything–whether it is from my meals, my workout and even “just going through the day, I have a more positive outlook.

“A lot of it is the accountability and also having the positive environment around positive people–just keeps me going and helps me keep doing what I’m doing and work hard.

“The Bodysmith means a lot. I don’t know even how to describe it. It’s just a place that has awesome people and they’re going to change your life. You got to work hard at it to change your life, but they help make that change and it’s just a great positive environment to come to and be at.

“If you’re stuck where you are at and you don’t know if you can reach your goals but you want to, then you better get here. They will help you change it and it’s going to make a difference. It’s so huge how much of a change that has happened in my life.”

Quinn S.

Quinn Lost 40lbs!

“Before joining the Bodysmith I was always tired, had low back pain, pain in my shoulder, and weighed 40 lbs. more. Their knowledge of exercise techniques has helped with my back and shoulder issues. The initial focus was on functional stability, not just getting big muscles. That, along with fat-burning exercises and nutritional advice has helped me to look and feel better than I have in years.

“The entire staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They create a safe, positive environment, and are totally there for your workouts. I actually get mad if I have to miss my workout for any reason!”

Donna H.

Decreased knee pain and lost 5% body fat in 4 months!

“Before working at the Bodysmith, I thought I felt good. I did not know I could feel even better until I lost weight by participating in the group classes and semi-private coaching. My pain has decreased in my knees. I can now slow jog on the treadmill!

“It has been an excellent experience; helping me with my diet and activities. The instructors are very caring. I love kettlebells and the classes are filled with fun people! It’s a comfortable place to hang out.”

Maria B.

Gained unexpected mental clarity and a community of Like-minded people.
When did you start workout out at the Bodysmith & why?
I joined in 2016 after NO exercise for 10 years!
How many days per week do you exercise?
I work out 3 days a week (M,W,F) while my youngest is at preschool. My workouts are fun, customized for me and appropriately challenging.
What are your current fitness goals and what keeps you on track?
My current fitness goals are to continue on my journey to fitness, making better food choices and adding in cardio on my days not at the gym. Consistency & Accountability keep me on track!
What do you do when you aren’t at the gym?
I am a mom to 4 kids ages (13, 11, 8, 5)…so lots of grocery shopping, food prep, laundry, shuttling kids around, housework, etc
What is your favorite exercise, supplement, clothing, etc that you can’t live without?
My favorite exercises at the gym are Dead Bugs (all 6 of them!) and really slow deep breathing.
What advice would you give someone who is just starting their fitness journey?
  • Set REALISTIC goals that are achievable.
  • Don’t focus on immediate results. Remember that healthy lifestyles are about BALANCE: work, play, diet, good sleep.
  • Take care of your head and your heart because what’s the point in fixing the outside if you’re a mess on the inside?

What Others are Saying...

the Bodysmith

  • I love working out at the Bodysmith! The Bodysmith has a fun atmosphere where you don’t feel intimidated by the workouts or other people working out.

    Terri P.
    Google review
  • Incredible gym!! They care and it shows. Best gym in town!!

    Paul W.
    Google review
  • The vibe at the Bodysmith is positive and encouraging – from the knowledgable and friendly coaches and staff to the kindness and collegiality of the members.

    Tracy Z.
    Google review
  • Very genuine and interested in your well-being. Everyone is very welcoming, not just the trainers but also the fellow participants.

    David P.
    Google review
  • Love the PERSONAL ATTENTION that I receive to help me improve physically and mentally. I have tried several gyms previously, but this is the ONLY GYM that I feel comfortable with due to the sincere, personalization they provide me with during EVERY VISIT.

    Rissa S.
    Google review
  • They will change your life!… they have created the family-atmosphere for me. I can’t say enough positive things! Thank you Bodysmith!

    Rachael M.
    Google review
  • Great people there (clients & employees both) and they really know what they’re doing. After starting here, no way I could go back to a normal gym setup. Bodysmith is great, excited for next year!

    Ryan M.
    Google review
  • The Bodysmith gym is a great place to achieve a high level of fitness. Coaches are knowledgeable and are always learning, so they are able to deliver excellent service to their clients.

    Mary D.
    google review
  • Love the whole crew at Bodysmith, they care about the person more than selling product or services.

    Xiaolei W.
    Google review
  • The coaches are awesome and even though it’s a class they give each person Individual attention as they need it and they make the classes fun too. I would 100% recommend this team to shape you up!

    Chelsea G.
    Google review
  • Bodysmith is a great gym because of the service you get from the trainers. They really know their stuff and are extremely helpful.

    David S.
    Google Review
  • My husband and I have been members of the Bodysmith for one and two years, respectively, and we have found a great place to work out and stay in shape in a friendly, positive and fun atmosphere!

    Jacquie D.
    Google review
  • This gym is no ordinary place…I would strongly recommend Bodysmith to anyone searching. It truly is a family-type atmosphere and you feel welcomed every time you enter…Thank you!!

    Dave B.
    Google review
  • The Bodysmith is great- Brad and his wonderful staff make sure everyone feels welcome, they are knowledgeable and professional, and enthusiastic for their clients’ progress.

    Quinn S.
    Google review
  • I have tried to so many gyms around town but the Bodysmith takes care of you. Your not just someone who comes and goes there but they get to know you and help you achieve your goals!

    Hailee A.
    Google review
  • The staff & management are fantastic. They know what they are talking about, are very compassionate about health, & care deeply about their clients!

    Perry F.
    Google review
  • Love everyone here! I always feel so welcome and included!

    Delaney B.
    Google review
  • My whole family has worked out at The BodySmith at one point or another and we each have gained something uniquely wonderful from the experience! I enjoyed learning the proper technique of exercises all while getting to know the great staff. The coaches are passionate about what they do and want to make sure you leave your workout feeling great about yourself. The cherry on top is Trudy, the gym mascot! 🙂

    Mercedes K.
    Google review
  • Have loved the Bodysmith for years. Great place!

    Chris D.
    Google review
  • I’ve been to many different gyms and the BodySmith by far has the best training and most comfortable setting. Everyone is very supporting and welcoming and I have never felt more healthy and fit.

    Mischa M.
    Google review
  • I never could have done 2020 without the Bodysmith. The staff and members are both great.

    Donna H.
    Google review
  • I’ve been a member of The Bodysmith for about 5 years. The staff and the members are nothing like I have ever experienced at other gyms, they are like family. They genuinely care…

    If you are looking for a great gym and great people you should check them out!!!

    Linda E.
    Google review
  • Experienced, drives results, committed staff, friendly and fun.

    Maureen M.
    Google review
  • Brad and his entire team at The Bodysmith are excellent. I’ve worked out in a lot of gyms. This is the best organized, most professional, cleanest, and most upbeat gym I’ve experienced…Well done Bodysmith team!

    Doug W.
    Google review
  • Very quickly I felt a part of the Bodysmith community. Trainers are great, attentive really keep you on track.

    Mary G.
    Google review
  • Love the classes! Forty-five minutes flies by-never feels like “work”!

    Terri P.
    Google review
  • I’ve been trying for years to battle weight issues, Bodysmith has made incorporating exercise into my regime so much easier. I look forward to going three times a week to the gym. The staff there feels more like family.

    Eileen P.
    Google review
  • Very friendly staff, delicious shakes, and all around a great environment to workout in. Every time I walk in someone’s there working towards their goals and it’s a great feeling to be part of that.

    Zachary D.
    Google review
  • I come in town about once a year and always come here with a friend. The workouts and programs are very up to date with the latest fitness science. The instructors watch out for everyone’s needs and levels. Classes are intimate so you aren’t lost in the crowd and get to know folks in your class.

    Plus the facilities are super clean, shakes/nutrition offerings are a great variety.

    Valerie B.
    Google review
  • I enjoy the gym very much. I came for the coaches their friendy attitude and knowledge. My favorite is Trudy the therapist.

    Bob K.
    Google review

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