Why I Love Assisted Stretching

Let’s face it: more people should stretch more often, but they don’t. Look, I get it. You arrive at the gym and want to get to work on your workout and not on something that happens “before” your workout. As a result, stretching, although a vital part of a workout, often gets skipped. 

See what I did there? Stretching doesn’t happen “before” your workout but is part of your workout. So, when someone skips stretching, they are skipping part of their workout. This is a problem and one I wanted to fix for our members.

Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends 
Recently, I’ve been offering a new service to our Bodysmith members—assisted stretching. If you don’t know, assisted stretching is pretty much what it sounds like: when someone stretches with the help of a professional or partner. This form of stretching–think of it as flexibility training–is common in physical therapy. Its benefits include greater mobility, reduced muscle soreness and stress, and better golf, running, and cycling performance, to name just a few.

“Why do I like assisted stretching,” you may ask. For one thing, I don’t like it…I love it, and that’s because it can deliver:

  • Safer results. A stretching professional can use techniques and positions that are difficult to attain unassisted. Like any fitness activity, stretching can be dangerous, and working with a certified stretching coach helps keep you safe.
  • More efficient results. Like all our custom workouts at the Bodysmith, a stretching regimen begins with an assessment. We discuss your goals and how your body moves before we design a stretching program to target the areas of most need. 
  • Confidence. Many people are uncomfortable in a gym setting. They might be self-conscious or unable to exercise much, and having a professional lead them through a hands-on stretching session can help them move better and gain confidence. Suddenly, this stretching program is a stepping-stone to different kinds of exercise, making a full fitness program more attractive and attainable.
  • Communication and connection. We have a busy gym, and I don’t always have the opportunity to talk with our members as much as I’d like. With a private, 30-minute stretching session, however, I can help them work on their flexibility while also coaching them on other areas of their health and fitness. 

The Final Word
Assisted stretching has been a game-changer at the Bodysmith. I look forward to every session because it is great for our members and because it is the type of fitness experience I wish everyone could share, one-on-one time with a certified, skilled trainer.

If you want more information on our assisted stretching program, including a sneak peek at a session, CLICK HERE.

~Coach Brad

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