Customized and coached
Direction and accountability
Longer drives and fewer injuries

On-Line or In-Person

Regardless of your situation, we’ve got fitness solutions designed specifically for you. With coaching, support, online tools, workout videos, and resources so you can take the Bodysmith anywhere.

Services List

Fitness Training

All training is personal training at the Bodysmith. Our expert coaches ensure you get the best workout possible while staying safe. Our semi-private format allows you all of the guidance without the high price. If you want to look, feel, and perform better, our fitness training programs have you covered regardless of age or fitness level. Learn More.

Golf Fitness

The demands of golf are unique. Mobility, stability, strength, and power are vital to hitting the ball farther while reducing injuries. Our TPI and NASM certified golf fitness professionals will work with you to dial in your body and fitness to help you play better than ever. Learn More.

Online Coaching

Work with the Bodysmith from anywhere! With our full-service remote coaching, you will work with your private coach to dial in your exercise, recovery, and nutrition.

Assisted Stretching

A certified stretching professional will assess you and develop a customized flexibility program to keep you moving at your best. Our integrated stretching program includes hands-on stretching sessions and a home program so you can keep working while away from the gym. Learn more.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is the most crucial part of body and health transformation. It is also where people need the most help. From our group meetings and personal nutrition coaching, the Bodysmith has you covered.

Workshops and Seminars

We hold various events at the Bodysmith to educate and enrich our community. Additionally, Brad is available to speak with your groups or organization on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • The three foundations of health
  • Fitness over 50
  • Nutrition and recovery
  • Fat loss
  • Functional fitness
  • Core training
  •         Kettlebell Techniques 1 & 2
  •         Self-Myofascial Release
  •         Stretching

Check our schedule for events held at the Bodysmith, or contact us for information on hosting your event.


That Make Sense

We know that you can pay a few bucks to have access to a mega-gym with hundreds of machines and thousands of fellow members. If you’ve tried that, you also understand why they are so “inexpensive.”

That’s why memberships at the Bodysmith are different. We offer you not “access” to machines, but the environment you desire, and the expertise and coaching to help you change your life and make a difference for the long run.