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Great Community

We set out to change expectations of a gym, and created an environment where members feel comfortable working out and having fun doing it.

The Bodysmith Difference

There are important differences that make the Bodysmith the best place to help you achieve your fitness and fat loss goals.
  • Accountability. You need to know that someone is not just supporting you, but depending on you to help them reach their goals as well. This sense of community…of family…is the Bodysmith’s Accountability difference.  
  • Our personalized programs. We look at your body and your life, then tailor a nutrition and exercise program to help you get the results you want. No cookie cutter solution here!
  • Motivation. Motivation is  more than commitment. It is also education, deliberation, feedback, and results. That’s why, at the Bodysmith, we provide everything you need to stay motivated day in and day out. 
  • Our coaches. You are never alone when you exercise at the Bodysmith. Our expert coaches are always here to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout while staying safe.
  • Our community. Our members are like family. Our clean, motivational and fun environment allows you to focus on your health and gives you the best experience possible.
Joining the Bodysmith will

Change Your Life

Learn what we are about from some of our members.

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When & Where

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the Bodysmith


12309 West Maple Road
Omaha, Nebraska
402 715-5700


Mon-Thur — 5:00a-7:00p
(closed from 1:00-3:00p)
Friday — 5:00a-1:00p
Saturday — 7:00a-11:00a
Sunday — CLOSED

(Check during inclement weather)

Bodysmith Reviews

  • “What an amazing experience! The owner and every single coach are amazing. It’s like walking into Cheers, everyone knows your name, even other clients :)”

    Ann Marie M.
    Google review
  • I have been a member at The Bodysmith for many years, and I can’t say enough positive things! The staff is welcoming, helpful, kind, persistent, and very knowledgeable. LOVE!

    Carmon H.
    Google review
  • Im stronger & healthier now than I was in my 20’s. Fun atmosphere! Great Trainers! Met many workout friends too, priceless!!!

    Theresa O.
    Google review
  • “Best gym ever – fun, friendly, clean, caring, knowledgeable! The owner and coaches are excellent at creating workouts and providing resources to keep people accountable and on track to meet their individual fitness and health goals. They also vary the workouts so that it doesn’t get boring – it’s a very fun and non-intimidating environment where you will see results.”

    Kristi L.
    Google review
  • My workouts here are the highlight of my day. The classes are challenging and fun. I feel so welcome, genuinely happy to be there. It is hands-down the friendliest gym in town. I always leave with a smile on my face…

    Becky L.
    Google review
  • “It’s the Cheers of all gyms! Personal training at its best.”
    ~Susan S.

    Susan S.
    Facebook review
  • The Bodysmith is the best gym I have ever been to. The staff is amazing and so welcoming. The small group classes are so much fun. Everyone is very interested in your goals and helping you achieve them.

    Elizabeth A.
    Google review
  • …This place and the people in it will work as hard as you, will hold you accountable, and will celebrate every victory you attain if you just give them the chance.

    Katie L.
    Google review
  • Great people there (clients & employees both) and they really know what they’re doing. After starting here, no way I could go back to a normal gym setup. Bodysmith is great, excited for next year!

    Ryan M.
    Google review
  • Everyone, including members are friendly and very supportive. So excited to be part of this place!

    Julie S.
    Google review
  • The Bodysmith is awesome! In addition, the staff is so knowledgeable and caring! They want everyone to succeed!

    Ember D.
    Google review
  • The Bodysmith is the best!!! Brad and his team are amazing!!! They want everyone to succeed!

    Ashley H.
    Google Review
  • The Bodysmith has gone the extra step during this unusual time. I have everything I need at my fingertips to keep on training at home and they provide a safe environment for working out in the gym.

    Kristine R.
    Google Review
  • Brad and the entire BodySmith team go above and beyond to make this the BEST gym in Omaha. They personalize workouts to your individual needs. The members are like a family and we all support one another.

    Leann N.
    Google review
  • Brad and his team are certainly incredible in everyday!!… Exceptional place, team and experience!

    Edith P.
    Google review
  • Brad and the staff at The Bodysmith are knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and encouraging. It’s a great atmosphere for working out. What I particularly like is that the workouts are functional and incorporate balance and coordination in addition to strength training. The staff doesn’t just put you on a machine and count your reps. The workouts are thoughtful and science based. Even the group training is optimized for each individual. I recommend highly.

    Kevin D.
    Google review
  • This community of staff and members alike is why I am consistent and look forward to starting my day at The Bodysmith! It’s like a Bar where everybody knows your name 😉

    Cyndy B.
    Google review
  • I ended up surpassing my goal and lost 20 lbs (12 lbs of pure body fat). At the end of the six weeks, I signed up to be a full member of the gym because I loved the supportive environment so much and I wanted to keep up my progress. I highly recommend The Bodysmith.

    Maria W.
    Google review
  • Friendly work out atmosphere. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable . Great personal training.

    Julie B.
    Google review
  • Everyone there is great!!!

    Manda N.
    Google review
  • You know you’re in the right place when you forget your shoes and the owner gives you his shoes (literally took them off his feet)!

    David P.
    Google review
  • Bodysmith is a great gym for anybody, since they have the experience and education to build a workout specific to each member.

    Mike M.
    Google review

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