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Golf requires a high level of technical skill as well as athletic ability. Even an amateur golfer will exert up to 90% of peak muscle activity on every drive from the tee. Consequently, these tremendous forces cause injuries to many golfers’ backs, shoulders, and wrists.

However, with an appropriate physical conditioning program, you can avoid golf’s potential pitfalls and improve your game.

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Achieve Peak Performance

The Bodysmith employs techniques pioneered by The Titleist Performance Institute and the C.H.E.K. Institute to develop golf-specific training programs to help every golfer drive the ball consistently farther, lowering their handicap and reducing injuries. We do this by focusing on the 4 essential areas of Golf Fitness:

1. Flexibility

Golf requires rotation and flexibility, especially in the neck, shoulders, torso, pelvis, and hips. By focusing on these areas, we’ll help you avoid overcompensating in other areas of your body, one of the leading causes of swing faults and injuries.

2. Stability

Operating from a stable base of support enables you to achieve consistency in range and accuracy. This support comes in two forms:
• Static stability provides the foundation to build a winning golf game.
• Dynamic stability helps the joints of the body maintain alignment and generate the optimal swing path, angle of attack, and clubface alignment during the golf swing.

3. Strength

Strength gives you the power to drive the ball and protect your body, focusing the tremendous swing forces away from the spine. Building strength from your inner abdominal unit outward helps you maintain an injury-free golf career.

4. Power

Power represents the ability to express strength quickly. For example, strength delivers the force of a golf swing, but power allows a golfer to produce that force immediately as needed. Exercises focusing on developing power in the hips, torso, and shoulders are often the final step to fine-tune your game.

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