What Makes the Bodysmith Different? No BS!

Last week I discussed the vast diversity in fitness needs and goals of our members at the Bodysmith, and I talked about some of the different systems we use to help them become their best. The important thing to remember is that our systems have diverse solutions built into their design, so there’s no “fast food fitness” here! Today I want to take a deeper dive into how we account for personalizing our fitness plans by looking at how we begin the process of onboarding a new member.

The Strategy Session
Before someone joins the Bodysmith, I like to sit down and talk with them in person. I want to learn about their history, struggles and what they are hoping to accomplish by working with us. These meetings can last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours! We call these meetings Strategy Sessions and we use them to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Again, this process takes place before a person even joins the Bodysmith, and that means that some of these strategy sessions don’t even lead to a new member joining our gym. If someone is not a good match, I’ve referred them to other gyms. And if someone wants to sign up for our highest service level of plan, but doesn’t need that level of service, I will encourage them to sign up for one of our less expensive plan. That may sound surprising to you since most “big box” gyms want to sign you up and take your money without question, but that’s not us. At the Bodysmith, we are all about finding out what the person is looking for and how we can help.

We’re Not For Everyone
What that means is that the Bodysmith is not a good gym for everyone, or maybe even most people. So let’s take a look at the type of person who is NOT a good fit for the Bodysmith.

You are NOT a good fit at the Bodysmith if you:

  • Like to pose in front of the mirror and show off. In fact, our trainers prefer t-shirts over tank tops!
  • Think you can out-exercise a poor diet. I’m sorry, but that isn’t going to happen.
  • Put on your headphones and workout in your own little world. We are a community and provide coaching: neither can exist in silence.
  • Think you know it all and can go it alone.
  • Want to put the responsibility of your choices on someone else. You’ve got to own it baby!
  • Are looking for a quick fix or “jump-start.” A lifestyle and sustainable results don’t happen quickly.
  • And, with all apologies for language, if you are an a**hole you are not a good fit at the Bodysmith!

You ARE a good fit at the Bodysmith if you:

  • Want to join a community of likeminded people working on their health and fitness.
  • Are looking for sustainable results and not some fad exercise or diet plan.
  • Want an entire team of professionals dedicated to your success.
  • Are a friendly person who likes to have fun while you exercise!

Next time I’ll shed some light on what happens after we determine that we want to start working together. We’ll talk about some of the paths our new member take on their journeys to health, and how we help them truly change their lives.

–Coach Brad

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