We Are All the Same Because We Are All Completely Different

Expect the unexpected has become a daily mantra for us at the Bodysmith. There’s the challenge of running a business, of course, but our members keep us on our toes, too. (Always in a good way).

See, we all know that everyone is unique and no two people are the same. But, when you look around at some others in the fitness business, there is still a tendency to line people up like cattle and run them through a “process” hoping to spit out a great product.

The concept of a system or process is great! Most everything we do at the Bodysmith is designed into a system. The difference comes in the design of the system and whether it is focused on efficiency of operation (which makes it easy for the trainers running it) or effectiveness of outcomes (which addresses the needs of individuals and maximizing the results).

A Common Goal
At the Bodysmith, we have members aged twelve to eighty from all walks of life. As varied as they are, all members share a common goal; to be the best version of themselves possible. This could mean, on a case by case basis, maximizing fat loss, improving sports performance, addressing pain management, increasing confidence, or improving mobility or endurance.

As a coach at the Bodysmith, I have to be able to work with a variety of populations—but on an individual level—to reach each of these goals. My staff does, too, which is part of what makes our team so special. In upcoming blogs, I’ll discuss how we apply our systems and processes, which are designed to improve our members’ outcomes when designing our programs and classes around the similarities of our widely disparate member base. Confused yet? Check back soon and I’ll help you clear things up.

–Coach Brad

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