In some of our most recent blogs, we discussed the Bodysmith Strategy Session in which we discover who is the right fit for becoming a Bodysmith member, and who might not be the best fit. So when we find a new member, there are more decisions to make, and today I want to explain a little more about this part of the process.

Decisions, Decisions
During our Strategy Session, I will take prospective new members on a tour of the gym. We’ll check out the facility and meet some of our staff while I try and get a feeling for what type of training might be most beneficial for this individual. The types of training we focus on at the Bodysmith include:

  • One on one (personal) training
  • Semi-private training
  • Large group training sessions

Keep in mind that you are never exercising alone at the Bodysmith. Coaches are always there to assure proper form, intensity and safety. But, each of these has it’s own advantages and, therefore, each might be a good fit for different individuals. Here’s a quick rundown on the details of each option.

Personal Training

  • One coach and one member will be working together one-on-one.
  • A custom exercise program, based on a movement assessment, will be designed to address the member’s goals and abilities.
  • Appointments will be scheduled according to client and staff availability
  • This is a great choice if a member has special medical considerations or wants the closest connection with a coach.
  • This is our most expensive option.

Semi-private training

  • One coach will work with up to four members.
  • This is our most versatile option. All appointments are scheduled according to the members’ availability.
  • A custom exercise program, based on a movement assessment, will be designed according to address the members’ goals and abilities.
  • This is the best choice if a member wants a customized program with a high level of coaching.
  • For many, this offers the best value.

Group Training

  • One coach will work with up to fifteen clients in a group.
  • Group workouts are designed to allow for modifications for members with varying abilities
  • This is a great choice for members who enjoy exercising with a group of people and only have 45 minutes to devote to a workout.
  • This is our most cost-efficient option.

So you can see that we have options to address members’ varying training, time and budget needs. And we are all about giving members the fit they need, not just a single costly option whether they need it or not.

But our exercise programs are only a small part of our system for changing people’s lives. Next week I’ll talk to you about perhaps the most important difference in our system. Accountability.

–Coach Brad

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