I recently took a quick vacation to Austin, Texas, to visit my brother, his wife, and their son. Our days were filled with laughter, movie marathons, and a taste of my brother’s famous cocktails. Although I’m not one to indulge in alcohol often, sometimes, it can be pretty refreshing. But let’s get back on track to my fitness journey during this Texan escapade.

Driving to Texas might sound exciting, but after spending two days cooped up in a car, my stiff body made it clear that taking a vacation from exercise wasn’t an option. You see, I’m one of those people who rarely take more than a few days off from staying active. So, even in the sweltering Texan heat, I made it a point to include a 2-3 mile walk daily in my schedule. Luckily, my brother had a fantastic home gym setup, ensuring I could maintain my workout routine. As I wrap up my final day here, I wanted to share how you can create a functional workout area in a small space and offer a glimpse of a fun session I designed.

During the pandemic, my brother transformed a tiny 10×12-foot room into a home gym. It proves you don’t need a massive space to keep fit. Here’s a rundown of his equipment list:

– Foam roller
– Rubber flooring
– Rogue ½ rack
– Rogue flat bench
– Powerblock adjustable dumbbells (5-50 lbs)
– 12″ step
– TRX suspension trainer
– Adjustable kettlebell (5-40 lbs)
– Resistance band wall anchor (a simple bar mounted to the wall)
– Resistance bands (small loops and large loops with various resistance levels)
– Straight and EZ barbells
– Bumper plates
– Val Slides

While away, I like to keep my workouts quick and efficient with circuit training. This specific routine allowed me to target strength, cardio, and balance while giving my joints a much-needed break using lighter weights. Here’s what I did after a 10-minute foam rolling and mobility warm-up:

1. Kettlebell Single Arm Swing x 6 on each side
2. Bench Press x 12
3. Kettlebell Single Arm Swing x 6 on each side
4. Dumbbell Step Ups x 12 on each side
5. Kettlebell Single Arm Swing x 6 on each side
6. Dumbbell Single Leg Single Arm Bent Over Row x 12 on each side
7. Kettlebell Single Arm Swing x 6 on each side

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat this circuit for 3-5 rounds.

In a space no larger than a small bedroom, I could enjoy a full-body workout that left me feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day’s adventures in Austin. The lesson here is clear: you don’t need a huge gym or tons of equipment to stay fit and active. All it takes is dedication and a bit of creativity in utilizing the space you have.

So, whether you’re on vacation or looking to maximize your home workout area, remember that with the right mindset and a well-designed routine, you can achieve your fitness goals no matter where you are. Keep moving, keep sweating, and keep pushing yourself. Your body will thank you for it!

Safe travels and happy workouts, everyone!

~Coach Brad

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