The Home Plan

In part 1 of Building a Home Gym, we discussed how you can build a home gym with just a few versatile pieces of affordable equipment. But the hardware is only part of the solution…you also need the software, and that’s “you.”

The truth is, the equipment is just a tool that offers no guarantee of success. Heck, you can honestly get many amazing workouts using nothing but your bodyweight. To really succeed at home you need to implement a few strategies that will ensure not only efficiency but consistency, which is the biggest hurdle to those who work out at home.

Just Do It. Then Do It Again and Again and…
As I said in part 1 of Building a Home Gym, there are lots of households out there, with lots of great and expensive fitness equipment that is gathering dust. So you’ll need to do more than just write a check. You’ll also have to do the work with your willpower to actually perform your workouts on a regular basis. Please believe me when I say this, that you can achieve virtually any fitness goal given this state of mind. I got into the best shape of my life in a home gym, and I used these same four “Secret Strategies” to get there.

  1. Have a dedicated space. This may sound like a no brainer, but don’t skip this step. I realize you may not have a lot of space, but do your best to find enough room to stretch out on the floor and perform a few basic calisthenics. Having a dedicated exercise space can help avoid some of the ever-present distractions in your home, plus remind you of your commitment to becoming fit. If you absolutely cannot create an area, make sure to keep your exercise equipment out in the open as a reminder. Putting your resistance bands in the closet is a quick way to ensure they stay there. Unused.
  2. Set an appointment with yourself: what gets scheduled gets completed. You have decided that exercise is essential to you, so it needs to be on your calendar, in your planner, written on a sticky note on the fridge…whatever. All too often, a workout can get pushed aside in favor of another too-easy distraction that can wait (Yes, Netflix, I’m talking to you!)
  3. Have a plan. Random workouts are fine for variety, but most of your workouts should follow a program designed to reach your goals. Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of information or free workouts. But remember, there is no substitute for having a professional in your corner to guide you and make adjustments to your program or schedule as needed. In fact, if you allow me a short sales pitch here, the Bodysmith has a full array of online coaching possibilities that are built for people who are busy, time-constrained and in need of guidance. 🙂
  4. Turn off your phone. This may be the hardest of the four tips to follow through with. I’ll admit that cell phones did not command the screen time back when I made my transformation, but I get it now. Please do yourself a favor and turn it off or silence your notifications…better yet, put it in Airplane mode for the duration of your workout and you’ll be in the clear. Your phone should only be used to time your rest, intervals, or record your workout if you are that kind of a technology nerd.

There you have it. Four secret strategies to go with the four essential pieces of equipment we discussed in part 1. If you have any questions or want to share your experiences, just reply back to this message. I would love to hear about it.

–Coach Brad

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