Our members get an ear full from us on the virtues of the gluteal muscles. They are powerful extensors of the hips, stabilize and protect our low backs, and look darn good in a nice fitting pair of shorts. What’s not to love?

With today’s workforce spending excessive time seated, these muscles become lazy and don’t do their job very well. A seated position tightens the hip flexors which robs the ability of the nervous system to keep our glutes healthy. Bridging to the rescue!

The following instructions are for the basic Hip Bridge, but the video demonstrates a few variations to increase the challenge.

Preparation: Lie on your back with your feet flat and hip-width apart. Place your palms up.

Execution: Squeeze your glutes like you are pinching a quarter between your cheeks and drive your heels into the ground. Push your hips high to make a straight line with your torso. Keep squeezing until you return to the ground. Repeat 10-15 times with a 2-second squeeze at the top.

Key points and cautions:

  • Be sure to maintain a tight squeeze throughout the movement
  • Avoid pushing with the balls of your feet
  • If you experience back pain reduce the range of motion and consult your doctor

– Coach Brad

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