The other day I was struggling to fall asleep because I was pondering the sad fact that people don’t know how to use their hips.

Ah, the life of a fitness nerd. When your mission is to keep people strong and healthy, you realize that effective use of the hips is central to many of life’s common activities.

Being able to properly hinge allows us to fully engage the powerful muscles of the posterior chain, most importantly the glutes and hamstrings. Strong glutes and a functioning posterior chain keeps our backs strong and helps maintain good posture.

There are a lot of great exercises like deadlifts, cleans and kettlebell swings that we love to use at the Bodysmith. These exercises (when performed properly) provide huge benefits in strength, conditioning and make you look darned good too!

But before you can run you must first learn to walk. Enter the Hip Hinge. Doing a good hinge is a must before attempting other advanced training.

Check out the video demo below for a full explanation.

– Coach Brad

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