I already wrote about the importance of an exercise program in achieving your goals but if you really want to make changes in your body, you can’t forget about nutrition. At the Bodysmith, we believe that nutrition is the most important component in body transformation whether your goal is fat loss or muscle gain.

Truth be told, exercise is the easy part. As we like to say as far as exercise is concerned “you just make sure to get to the gym and we will do the rest.” As great as exercise is, our coaches can only make sure you are staying with that part of the plan for the 3-5 hours you are there with them every week. The remaining 168 or so hours of the week are where the real work is done and where true transformation happens.

We have seen it time and again – people will exercise often with persistence and vigorous intensity but their gains lag behind those who combine exercise with diet modification. Adhering to our simple nutrition rules have proven to be extremely effective in changing the lives of many.

Sure you won’t break a sweat eating clean and filling your shopping cart with healthy foods but resisting temptation and being prepared for a week’s worth of meals can pose its own challenges.

Did you know that apples are America’s favorite fruit? Reach for a fresh, crisp, delicious apple today instead of a candy bar and keep yourself on track to achieving your fitness goals.

In health,

– Coach Brad

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