I’m going to say something that may shock you. An effective exercise program is not always fun. What?!? I know this sounds strange coming from a person whose entire day revolves around exercise, but let me explain. Most people who come to us have a specific goal in mind that they want our help to accomplish. Some want to look and feel better; others want to lower their cholesterol or strengthen their bones; still, others want help preparing for a 5k or enhancing their performance in their chosen sport. These are all fantastic goals and we must always strive to help our members achieve them. But I’d like to let you in on a little secret: responsible fitness professionals have their own agenda and it’s not making sure every workout you engage in is always fun and never dull. Keeping you safe while providing effective exercise selections that lead you toward your goal is our primary goal.

Exercise for the Destination, Not the Journey

If you are like me, after a while you find yourself getting bored with your workout routine. Workouts sometimes feel boring because they get predictable and we tire of them. But you know what never gets old? Results.

Think of exercise like a roadmap to somewhere you’ve never been. As anyone who’s taken a road trip knows, planning and preparation create a less stressful journey, which makes it easier for you to relax and enjoy the destination once you get there. If you just jump in the car and drive, chances are you’ll get lost, tired and may never even arrive.

We need to look at exercise in the same way- a roadmap to a destination. Simply doing a bench press, a few squats or 30 minutes on the elliptical machine here or there is very likely the reason you aren’t seeing the results you want. If you are paying a personal trainer who just “wings” it and has a different workout every time you see him you may want to rethink how you spend your money. Muscle confusion? How about just plain confusion.

At the Bodysmith we do not make workouts, we design programs. Programs consist of several workouts performed over a period of time. Our programs are like a roadmap that leads you to your desired outcome. We keep your exercise selections lively with friendly staff and fun-loving attitudes but ultimately, the real fun comes reaching your goal and getting to enjoy a truly satisfying destination.

What’s your workout goal? What are you working hard today to achieve?

In health,

– Coach Brad

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