Food can be a pleasurable experience. In fact, I think it’s ok to eat with this in mind about 10% of the time. You will still see results if you ate those nachos Saturday night during the game. The critical thing to remember is to get back on track with your very next snack or meal.

You see, completely eliminating a food you enjoy is a sure recipe for binge eating (I dare you to take away my pizza!). Instead of “cheating” on your nutrition, you should plan to deviate from it from time to time. And while we are at it, let’s work to dump the word cheat and replace it with splurge.

Think about it. When is cheating ever a positive? Cheating on a test, your taxes or a loved one is just wrong, and you should feel guilty about it. But I’m not into guilt when we’re talking about food. Instead, if you plan a splurge, you are mindful and acting with intent.

But don’t fall victim to a lazy splurge!

This happens when we fail to plan or get caught in a situation where we get overly hungry. Then we grab something convenient or make a bad choice when eating out. Choose one to two meals a week to have what you enjoy and then it’s back to work!

– Coach Brad

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