Having a bad day? A bad week? We all do. I get it. But let me remind you of something we’ve discussed before: exercise is a great way to improve your health AND your mood.

At the Bodysmith we always say “Just get in our door and we’ll make sure you get a great workout.” That’s our job. That’s what we’ve trained for. And that’s what we love to do.

Our coaches and members will always make a fun environment that will lift your spirits. Though it may not seem like it, the hardest part is actually just getting in the front door. Want to increase your success with that part? Do what the Boy Scouts do and be prepared.

  1. Pack your bag. Keep your gym bag packed and in your car or by the front door so you can grab it in the morning. Stopping home after work is a perfect opportunity to become distracted or just hit the couch after a hard day. Remove temptation and set yourself up for success.
  2. Schedule it. Successful (and busy) people live by a schedule. Exercise is important to you so don’t leave it to chance by allowing it to be pushed aside whenever something else pops up. Prioritize yourself by scheduling workouts like any other important appointment. Once it’s on your schedule, the rest of your life will start to make room.
  3. Buddy up. Accountability is a powerful motivator. If you have a workout partner you will be less likely to skip your workout. If you don’t have an active friend, you can always join a group fitness class. Exercising in a group is fun and you may find yourself building new, fit friendships. Hey, maybe your old friends will become motivated by you and want to join you.
  4. Find your fit family. Finding the right gym is not easy. There are many cheap, impersonal ‘big box’ gyms with minimally-trained staff whose only interest is collecting monthly membership dues and selling add-ons like poorly manufactured supplements and expensive personal training sessions. This sort of environment does little to make you want to exercise. At the Bodysmith we offer a unique approach here in Omaha that will keep you coming back: scientifically-based classes and programming in a fun, motivational environment.

–Coach Brad

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