Yesterday my coach kicked my butt.

As surprising as it may sound, I currently am working with four coaches—three business coaches and now, one fitness coach. Is that surprising? The class I mentioned it to on Monday was sure surprised.

I know what you’re thinking. “You have a coach? But you are a coach. Can’t you just coach yourself”

Let me give you two good reasons why that’s not a good idea.

  • First, say that last part again. “Can’t you just coach yourself?” Now, think about that. “Coach yourself.” That sounds a little absurd, right?
  • Second, after 15 years in the business, and writing hundreds of programs for the coaches that work for me, I can tell you that no one complains about their workout programs like a fitness coach! When this happens I usually ask them to make their own workouts. After a week or two of doing their own training they inevitably come back to me asking to design them a new workout because the one they made “sucks.” Why? I’m going to chalk it up to the old “shoemaker’s children” problem. No one wants to or is very good at, being their best fitness coach.

My Two Cents
So, having been a coach and a client, I want to share what makes a good coach, IMHO.

  • A good coach has your best interests in mind.
  • A good coach pushes you out of your comfort zone when appropriate. And brings you back to reality when you stray.
  • A good coach asks the tough questions without judgment, but still holds you accountable.
  • A good coach provides invaluable guidance, perspective, and expertise.

You see when you hire a coach you are asking someone to give you an honest, unbiased perspective. This honesty and perspective are why I’ve employed at least one coach for the past ten years. In fact, I’ve never gone more than a couple of months without one. And when I do go without one, I feel like I’m not improving as much as I could be.

Why Now?
So why did I hire a fitness coach now? A couple of reasons.

  1. I want to work on my own health goals mainly, fat loss. I’ll admit I’ve slipped in the last few months. My workouts had become mundane, and my eating is off-track more than I’d like. I guess I’m not immune to the effects of a pandemic and isolation 😉
  2. To learn to be a better coach for OUR clients at the Bodysmith. Hey, I’m just like everyone else who is serious about their profession and who wants to continually get better. Having another coach work with me on nutrition and exercise is not only great for my goals but also helps me see how others operate. What’s more, my coach, Ren, lives in another state and is doing everything with me online. That means I’m getting some great experience with online coaching, which is something I want to be better at, and this is my golden opportunity to learn from a great coach.

I’m only in my first week, and I can tell you it’s been eye-opening. As the weeks go by I’ll give you a few updates on my progress. Pray, I survive 🙂

–Coach Brad

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