My progress...

A few weeks ago on this blog, I discussed my new online coach. If you remember, I said I was trying to reach some new goals and was looking for a fresh perspective.

Fast forward to today….I have to tell you the difference has been HUGE. I’ve not only lost more than two pounds, but I’m already stronger on many lifts, I’m making better food choices, and I’m feeling great!

A New Attitude
To be honest, the most significant improvement since I started working with this new coach has been my attitude. Today, once again, I look forward to my workouts! If you’re surprised that the owner of a gym doesn’t really love his workouts every time, don’t be. Burnout and the resulting loss of motivation is a real thing. In fact, many of my gym-owner colleagues like to say, “I loved working out, then I opened a gym.”

Why is this? Like most people left to their own devices, I will usually do workouts I enjoy more or are short and “shoehorned” into a busy schedule. Hey, there is nothing wrong with a twenty-minute training session when time (or attention span) is short, but a successful fitness program is the one that is designed for you with an end goal and benchmarks in mind.

If you remember from my last blog, I talked about how a coach can bring an impartial point of view to your fitness goals and see you and your circumstances from a different perspective. It’s a collaboration, of course, but a coach will guide the client –me, in this case—along a path to a set goal. I know Ren (my coach) will not do the work for me, but he’s in my corner. He’s there to answer my questions, design my workouts, and help me when I need to make adjustments, and having both client and coach “present” in the workout is what makes the difference.

Ultimately, for most of us, it is the accountability that is invaluable. Every day I have my fitness schedule mapped out. My coach knows if I miss my workout and can check my stats to see if I am making progress. As I write this, I see today is my day off, and that means no workout. I’ve been feeling so good I’ve decided to squeeze in some stretching and maybe a short bout on the rower. I sent Ren a quick message asking if he thought it would be alright given my injury status, and he agreed it would be fine, “If you feel good, rested, recovered…go get it, brother.”  Thanks, coach 🙂

What does this have to do with you? Probably a lot…

You see, we empower people over 40 to tone up, feel great, and perform their best with their available time here at the Bodymith. And we’ve been doing that successfully for the past 13 years.

Now today, in 2020, we’ve now been doing it online successfully for the last six months with excellent results.

Here’s what one of our online clients told us:

“Did you know the average person gained 5 pounds during the pandemic shut down? Not me! Not only did I not gain weight, I ended up losing weight!! Thank you BodySmith for caring so much about us during these most difficult of times.”

This testimonial is rewarding for me, especially given that many people are feeling extra trapped in their homes and, likely, unhealthy habits. My clients’ experiences online, plus my own online training, have made me confident that we can help many more people who aren’t able to join us in person at the Bodysmith.

I’m going to be taking on a couple more online clients for a special three-month program. If you are interested, reply and we can set up a time to talk about it.

Dedicated to your success,

~ Coach Brad


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