Had Enough With Exercise? It’s Time To Kiss And Make Up…

Cue background music “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”  by BarryWhite

“How you doing? It’s Exercise here. I know we haven’t seen each other in a while. I know that sometimes I didn’t treat you right. I hurt you. I didn’t keep my promises. And I’m sorry. But I’m here to tell you that I can change. I can be there for you, and I want you back.”

Even if you’re not a Barry White fan (what???), I want you to remember that your relationship with exercise and fitness should be one that makes you feel good. No matter what happened in the past—injury, lack of results, boredom—you can make your workouts satisfying, your body feel better and improve your attitude if you have a plan, the will and the support to make it happen.

You wouldn’t think that if you take a look at mainstream media today. When you see TV shows about ‘fitness’ they refer to their contestants as ‘losers,’ ‘weaklings’ or ‘failures.’ You see workouts designed to be ‘torture,’ ‘hell’ or ‘painful.’ Even more disturbing, I’ve seen trainers whose mission in life is to bring people to the brink of injury and illness, or make them so sore they can barely move for days.

So is it any wonder that many think training is supposed to be something we detest? Unfortunately, anyone who has that point of view will most likely hate training, get injured and/or give up out of frustration.

Here’s the truth: you should love exercise. Increased bone density, better balance, lower cholesterol and diabetes risk, better mood…these are just a few of the results you’ll see from the right fitness program.

At the Bodysmith, we think everyone seeking to improve their health is a “winner” and deserves to be praised for caring about themselves. It’s not our job to “torture” or “kill” our members. Instead, when we finish a session together, we should all feel invigorated.

Don’t get us wrong, we love it when our members are working hard and sweating! The intensity must be high enough to stimulate the body to burn fat, build muscle and improve conditioning. And we demand that our members bring their best each and every time because results are determined by effort. But if your trainer measures success by how sore you are after a session, you may need a new gym.

So find a workout partner or join a different gym and give it another go. I know you have been hurt before but the rewards of a stronger, more fit body are well worth the failed attempts and heartbreak. Find the right fit and you’ll understand why we say we “can’t get enough.”

–Coach Brad

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