Maybe it was just a matter of time

The short version is that I had an exposure to COVID-19 and am now housebound. At the time of this writing, I was still waiting for test results. If my results come back negative, I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but it’s not looking good. I sat next to someone in a car for three hours, and that someone became sick and then tested positive a couple of days later.

Don’t worry! At this time, I have no symptoms and feel just fine. Maybe a slight sinus irritation, but I’ve been dealing with that off and on for the last few months. (On that note, let me ask if anyone else is having sinus issues this year. Can I see a show of hands from everyone who was sure they had “the Rona” after they sneezed out of the blue one time?).

My Secret to Quarantine
We’ve all experienced the “stay at home” phase of the Pandemic, but today I want to give you a glimpse into how I’m dealing with life and a few of my guidelines of what to do when you can’t do anything. So here’s what I’ve been doing…

  • Staying put. This is a no-brainer. This is one situation where you don’t want to “share the love.” Plus, if you know me you know I’m a rule follower. Finally, I want to stay away from my mother and other older folks. I’m lucky because I live outside of town, and my brother drops food at my door. (Thanks Dave!)
  • Sleeping. A lot. If I genuinely am battling COVID-19, I want to make sure I’m getting as much rest as possible. My body needs to conserve all of its resources to fight.
  • Not working out! This is a tough one since my coach has had me doing some great workouts, and I’ve been feeling better about my fitness than I have in years! But since sleep helps charge the ‘ole batteries to boost immunity, I don’t want to fatigue myself and have a setback.
  • Walking Trudy. We’ve been lucky enough to have sunshine recently, and the air is great for my mind and body. Besides, Trudy has begun to show signs of C-WaGS (COVID Weight Gain Syndrome) and could stand to move more along with her pappy (that’s me).
  • Supplementing smart. Ever since this pandemic became a threat, I’ve upped my daily supplement regimen. The two things that I’ve been focusing on are an excellent multi-vitamin called Vibe and an immune support product called Cold Buster.
  • Working. I’m at home, but I can still be productive. My fantastic staff is holding down the gym, so I’ve been developing and implementing our new online coaching program. I’ve got a great group of Founding Members enrolled, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish!

That’s all I’ve got this week. If you need any help navigating this crazy time, feel free to shoot me back a message cause I would love one more thing to distract me from my lock-in. And if you have a minute, say a prayer or keep your fingers crossed that everyone who is or might be infected (me included) stays well 🙂

–Coach Brad

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