“Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms, and the autumn moon is bright” –Curt Sidomak


That quote is more than a line delivered in one of my favorite movies (bonus points if you know which one). It’s also a reminder—and a warning—of the beast within us.

Last week we discussed the concept of two wolves, one good and one bad, living inside of each of us, and how our actions help either one or the other become more powerful. There was Bruce, the big bad wolf whose dominance can creep in during stressful times in our lies…which has been pretty much all of 2020. Stress and negativity are Bruce’s favorite foods, but we can begin to starve him out and if we stop bombarding our brains with negative inputs like too much news, social media, or the wrong type of individuals that drain our energy.

That alone will leave more room for Bob, the good wolf, to become stronger and more prominent. So, how do we feed Bob? We use the opposite strategy and focus on a steady diet of experiences that bring him (and us) nourishment. Positive inputs in the form of people, news, and activities that you actually enjoy. Sounds simple, right? 

Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

Giving in to negativity, frustration, and fear is much easier than keeping your head above the fray of 2020. That’s why there seems to be a lot of Bruce around this year.

Bob, however, requires more deliberate care and feeding, and that’s why we must be persistent with self-care efforts. Here are a few suggestions you might want to try to beef up ‘ol Bob.

  • Move every day. We exist as physical beings and we NEED to move. Daily walking, stretching, or foam rolling are all part of your physical maintenance plan. Do not be idle for too long. 🙂
  • Train regularly. Walking and general movement are necessary, but if you regularly engage in purposeful, rigorous exercise at least twice a week you are pursuing improvement, rather than just maintenance.
  • Practice gratitude because it helps you notice the bright spots—and most importantly positive people—in our lives. Gratitude gets talked about a lot these days, and I have made progress in my own efforts.
  • Get spiritual. What this means to you is entirely personal. All I know is that when we spend time considering our place in the higher order of things, it can help put things in perspective.
  • Sleep. If your sleep quality is low, your physical and emotional health is going to decline. 
  • Eat well. Feeding our bodies with clean, nutritious food is a foundation of wellness inside and out.
  • Meditate. A calm mind is a less stressed mind.
  • Be social. Focus your time on people who raise your spirits and mood. 
  • Indulge a Hobby. Reading, movies, model airplane building. The possibilities are endless so if you enjoy it, do it!

These are just a few ideas but I’ll bet you have more. Take care of yourself in body, mind, and spirit with a diet consisting of what brings you joy, kindness, fulfillment, patience, and kindness and you find Bob become stronger every day. 

~Coach Brad

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