It’s Time for Us to Talk About…How To Move the Big Rocks

If our attention spans are short (and they are), and we have frustrations over the current state of our bodies and health (many of us do), we can be susceptible to those who preach absolutes or an “easy way out.” And since we hear thousands of pieces of advice from the internet, TV, etc. over the course of a week, we are going to be exposed to a LOT of these preachers.

On that note, do any of these sound familiar?

“I read that I shouldn’t eat before doing cardio in the morning.”

“My trainer told me that carrots have too much sugar, are not keto, and I should never eat them.”

Really!? Let’s take a minute to talk about how to spot red flags when you hear advice like this, and what that has to do with moving rocks.

“Are you tired and have more belly fat? Have you lost your sex drive and muscle mass? Then try Super Stud Testosterone replacement!”

Let’s look at a timely example with which we are all familiar: low testosterone or “male enhancement” marketing. These ads are currently flooding TV and radio with a promise to help men feel like they are in their 20s again.

These ads present a problem that is all too familiar to men of a certain age, and then promise an easy, fast solution that (surprise, surprise) might even be covered by your insurance. That’s one option, but I’m not sure it’s the best option or the one you should jump on. And it has many of the hallmarks of an over-simplification of a more complex problem.

Here is a dose of reality: I’m no doctor, but it seems to me that if many of us tried eating better, drinking less alcohol, getting more exercise, handling our stress, and prioritizing restful sleep than we would have more energy, lose more fat and feel overall better.

Just last week, I saw my doctor and asked him his thoughts on testosterone replacement. This is a man who I trust, stays educated on medical care and research, and has shown me time and again that he is patient-centered. His response: he quickly shot it down and may have even used the word “scam” when doing so. This is, of course, just my story and so it should be nothing more than food for thought for you.

But, along with this food for thought, I want you to remember that as we age we change. If you are 60 years old now you need to take care of yourself differently than you did in your twenties. You need to get used to the fact that you are going to feel different. You need to be much more mindful of your choices. And, most importantly, you need to set different goals and objectives for your health.

Identify Your “Big Rocks” And Chip Away…
When I talk about moving the Big Rocks, I am encouraging you to take a look at the major issues that are holding you back and that are in your control, and then start methodically chipping away at them. The natural result of focusing on the Big Rocks that stand in your way is that you will begin to put the little rocks— like what foods should be eaten when or what is the best workout—in perspective. These little rocks take your focus off what really matters and bog you down in details, and can easily trap you in analysis paralysis.

We all know the famous sculpture of David by Michelangelo. That masterpiece started as one massive block of marble that he slowly chipped away at for two years. Eventually, he revealed the stunning figure we appreciate today. There were no shortcuts. No easy fix. No way to “supercharge” his sculpting. And the same is true of you.

Think of your current state of fitness as a solid block that you will begin to chip away at to reveal your hidden work of art. Is your nutrition holding you back? Cool, then make the focus of your day eating whole foods that are nutritious like protein and vegetables. Need to be more flexible and stronger? Begin with a short daily stretching plan and getting to the gym 2 days a week. Do you stay up too late watching TV or working from home? Commit to shutting things down 30 minutes earlier each night.

Start small with small changes and embrace them as your new normal. In no time you will begin to reap the benefits and eventually you can add in another Big Rock to start chipping away, too.

I get it, I genuinely do. Committing to a healthy lifestyle for the long run isn’t easy and is seldom convenient. Lord knows I’ve had my own ups and downs throughout my journey, but I always see myself as a work in progress. As long as I stay true to my mission of helping people be the best versions of themselves possible, I will keep moving forward.

What are your “big rocks” and how can you chip away at them?

–Coach Brad

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