The Bodysmith Mindset

In the past, I’ve discussed what makes the Bodysmith different from other gyms or fitness programs. And here it is: we meet individually with everyone interested in our gym and help them decide if our program is a fit for them. We may not be a fit for everyone, but for those individuals that do fit our model, we work to create programs based on their interests and needs. So while “Big Gyms” thrive on selling hundreds, if not thousands of memberships at a low price to individuals who are slightly (or not at all) committed, we can only stay in business by providing a level of personalization and service that creates happy, successful members.

In other words, our main objective is for our members’ health and well-being, so we aim to create a space, environment, and community that will meet that goal.

During our initial meeting (Strategy Session) I always ask, “What is the one thing you can get from us at the Bodysmith to help you reach your goal?” The answer is almost always “accountability.” The good news is, if you come to the Bodysmith, we’ve got you covered thanks to our two most powerful resources:our community and our system.

Power From—And For—Our People
It’s no secret that I think our members are the best. They are welcoming, engaged, and invested in each other’s goals. They team up during classes to push each other and make plans to see each other daily. Add to that our private Facebook group that is filled with members offering support, recipes, and strategies to help others along, and a staff who truly cares, and you have a fantastic community committed to success.

Work The System
Most of our members are very busy, and setting time aside to take care of themselves is crucial. Since their time at the gym is so vital to their self care, we have an even greater responsibility to make sure they walk through the door. We do this by consistently implementing a “system.” (If you don’t remember, I am a “system” kind of guy. That’s how I live my life.)

So, here is our system:

  • Going by the clock. Our Team Training runs on a set schedule, and our personal training sessions are booked. 
  • Appointment reminders. If you have a personal training appointment with us, you will get a reminder on your phone, email, or both. If you don’t show, you’ll probably get a call too 🙂
  • AWOL calls. If we haven’t seen you for a week or more, our staff will call you to check if everything is alright and if we can help.
  • Coach check-ins. Every week I reach out to each member and offer my assistance. If one of our members is struggling, I want to know about it!

If you haven’t guessed by now, we are persistent with making sure you come to the gym. Does it sound like too much? You can be sure that over the years, I’ve had people say to me, “Stop calling me! I’ll be back in when I can.” I’ve even had people quit because they didn’t want us keeping such close tabs on them or felt guilty about not being here. If you know me, then you know I never judge anyone’s place on their fitness journey. But if you ask me to take your money and not care if you ever show up, that’s not going to happen.

We are in the fitness business to help people, and our accountability system is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal. Our members require it, and we are committed to them.

If you have tried other programs before and felt like just another face in the crowd, then it might be time to join a community that cares about you and your success.

–Coach Brad

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