I've been thinking...

Given the day, I’m going to give you one more thing to be thankful for…a blog that is short and sweet.

This past Monday, I returned to the gym from my daily coffee run. As I made my way to my office, I passed a member stretching out on the turf before our Get Strong class.

As I passed, the member said, “Hey Brad, I just want to say thank you.” Reflexively I responded, “What for?” “Well, for everything you do,” he said. 

And that—giving someone a reason to be thankful—is the best part of owning a gym. It also got the gears turning in my head…

As we plunge headfirst into the holiday season this week, I realized I, too, need to share some of the reasons that I am most thankful this year. 

Coach Brad’s 2021 List Of Thankful Things

  • Family. I’m thankful I still have my mother in my life whose kind heart and desire to help others is inspirational. And, my two brothers and sister, too, who have great partners, kids, and pets that fill my life with smiles. Finally, I’m thankful I had a father who taught me how to hunt and fish and instilled the importance of education and learning.
  • Friends. I’m thankful for friends I can laugh with and disagree with but who always have my back…some of them have been doing that for more than four decades! *Mind blown*
  • Music. It saved my life, and I’m thankful to perform in a band that pushes me to be better and allows me to play music I love while spreading joy to our fans.
  • Fitness. My pursuit of health and fitness taught me I could take control and improve my own life. Even more importantly, it gave me a career direction that lets me help others achieve their dreams. 
  • Trudy. She’s all I could ever want wrapped up in a little hot dog-shaped puppy. I (along with others who know me) was apprehensive about becoming a dog owner. But time has shown me it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
  • The Bodysmith. Starting and owning a business continues to be a challenge. Despite all its ups and downs, our little gym continues to be a bright spot in our members’ days. And about those members: they are fantastic. I’ve had the fortune of working with some great people for more than fifteen years. They care about others and proudly carry the Bodysmith banner everywhere they go. I’ve also got a magnificent staff that brings my vision to life every day. My career has allowed me to serve as a teacher and mentor to other health care, rehabilitation, and fitness professionals.

Alright, maybe this blog is a little longer than I intended, but that’s the funny thing about being thankful. If you spend a little time reflecting, you often find you can go on and on and on…

Give it a try and let me know if your list is longer than you thought it would be 🙂

~Coach Brad

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