It was a busy day in the gym last week when one of our members said to me, “I’ve never seen so many fit women in one place. You must really know how to train women because I’ve been to other gyms and they’re not able to train them the way you do.”

I was proud, of course. And the physiology nerd in me was excited to talk about the differences between men and women. About how effective nutrition and training must be different. And how hormonal fluctuations and changes, sacroiliac joint mechanics, and Q-angles all play a part.

“Thank you so much for noticing. I appreciate that.” I beamed. As I said, the gym was busy at the time, and as I looked around, I saw she was right. We had a class on the turf and two other coaches were working with members. All in all, we had almost 30 people in the gym and most of them women. Fit, strong, confident women.

I’ve long said that our female members are some of the toughest individuals around. We’re proud to count firefighters, nurses, teachers, student-athletes, homemakers, and grandmothers among their ranks, ranging in age from 17 to 70. Is there a secret to success with these members? Well, we’ve been training them for more than a decade and I think that has something to do with it, but that’s not the secret.

Our Differences Unite Us
Everyone is different. Every man and woman has different goals and challenges; different histories and battles. I believe that we need to build an environment, a membership, that allows us all to work on ourselves.

In other words, the real secret is in the people. With all apologies for the language, when someone asks me what type of people we train at the Bodysmith my answer is always the same: “No a**holes.” Crude I know, but that pretty much sums up the secret to creating an environment for all.

So, with the right kind of people, we can build a place where we can become the best we can be, without judgment or intimidation. I’ve heard other gyms say that, but very few deliver. That’s what keeps so many women out of the gym and unable to work on themselves the way they deserve.

So, we’ve got a place where women feel comfortable enough to work on their fitness, and the guidance to do so safely and effectively. And, a place where they know that the men of the gym aren’t going to gawk, make rude comments or create an unpleasant atmosphere. In fact, I routinely hear that our women inspire our men to work harder, and that’s something you won’t find at many—maybe any—other gyms.

So, it’s great to hear that people can see how fit and healthy our female members are. But it’s even better to be able to feel the tough determination of our female members out on the floor; hear the “never say quit” attitude in their voice; and be inspired by work, day in and day out, to become their better selves. It also doesn’t hurt that my staff also includes some pretty awesome women. 🙂

–Coach Brad

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