I'm just going to say it...

I’m going to be bold and say something that I hesitate to say: it finally feels like we are turning a corner. Or, as I like to refer to it, we’re going back to “the time before.”

It seemed like the world had ground to a halt over the past year. The pandemic had deep and profound effects on the government and our families, schools, and businesses. Things were more hectic than ever and, for some of us, we may feel like we’ve been in a daze for much of that time. Are things better than before? Worse? Still, the same as they were before this whole thing started?

Let’s face it, many of us have let some things slip. For some, it was housework or work-life balance. For others, it was their workouts and nutrition. In any case, don’t be hard on yourself if you couldn’t keep up with all your responsibilities. You had a lot on your plate, and just being where you are now is cause enough for celebration!

At the Bodysmith, it was no different for our little gym.

Keeping our doors open during the global crisis was no easy feat. Today, I want to share three things I focused on during the shutdown that was vital to our success.

  1. TCB (Taking Care of Business). More than just Elvis’ motto for his band and the Memphis Mafia, TCB was my mantra. I had to make cuts, negotiate a lease, deal with the increased regulations and legislation, and develop an entire online training component just to keep the lights on. The best part? My team. My staff stepped up HUGE, and I couldn’t have done it without them. It was exhausting and challenging like nothing before. While I’m not eager to repeat this process, it was an invaluable learning experience.
  2. Self-improvement. Since I made education a priority, I have never stopped learning. I took this unique opportunity to complete certifications I was pursuing, read more than ever, and connect with my business coaching group more deeply. Additionally, I sharpened my musical skills and stretched my creativity. 
  3. Engagement. A small business like the Bodysmith thrives on relationships. I only wish others in the fitness industry would take that responsibility more seriously. And make no mistake, it IS a responsibility. We make an agreement with every member that we will be with them every step of the way. This last year, though exceptionally challenging, was no different. But when you have members as fantastic as we do, you can count on them doing everything they can to go with the flow and support us along the way.

In the end, I’m proud of how the Bodysmith weathered this year. Our members have once again shown they are strong, caring people capable of overcoming whatever obstacles come their way. My staff has adjusted, taken on more responsibility, improved their skills, and grown into a more cohesive team.

I don’t normally boast, but It’s a good feeling that even though sometimes when the rest of the world was going off the rails, we were able to not only survive but to thrive. 

I’ll leave you with this recent Google review from one of our members that makes it all worthwhile.

“I never could have done 2020 without the Bodysmith.”

~Coach Brad

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