Bring Your Best

At the Bodysmith, our core values guide our decisions and actions. We display them on the homepage of our website, post them in our office, and review them in our team meetings. This week I want to outline briefly the first of these values and what it means to our team and our members who come to us seeking to change their lives.

What it Means to “Bring Your Best”

We pledge to bring you our best every time you come to the Bodysmith, which is exactly what we expect of you. We believe so strongly in bringing your best that it is written in giant letters on our gym walls. When you walk into the Bodysmith you will be greeted like an old friend. Your name might even be shouted with glee as Norm’s was on the television show Cheers. One of our coaches will take you through your customized program or a group exercise session with positive energy and motivation while ensuring you work out safely. Our front desk staff is always cheerful and will be happy to set your next appointment or make you a nutritious and delicious recovery shake with a smile.

But this is not a one-way street. As a member or guest at the Bodysmith, you must also bring your best. This means showing up and putting an honest effort into your workout. We will help with the direction and motivation, but you’ve got to have the drive and determination to push beyond your comfort zone. To lift a little more, go a little faster or do an extra metabolic interval. We’re not afraid of sweat at the Bodysmith. We welcome it because sweat means you’re exercising right.

Stop by today and give our positive approach to fat loss and fitness a try! You’ll be surprised at how good you feel.

–Coach Brad

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