Jump Right In

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I hated the word “jumpstart?” I knew it would spark a response, and it didn’t take long. After reading that blog, a Bodysmith member who has had a tough time holding on to her fitness during the pandemic reached out with a question:

“Is there a way I can ‘jumpstart’ just the weight loss and lose maybe 10 of those COVID pounds quickly so that it feels like less of an insurmountable task to get back to the slow, steady long-term thing?”

I can’t say I didn’t expect this, and I am always willing to help when I see an opportunity. So here are my top five suggestions to get back on track and drop some quick pounds.

  1. Come to the gym. Consistently. Beyond providing the benefits of regular exercise, the gym is your accountability center. Everyone here is working on themselves, and surrounding yourself with like-minded, caring individuals is HUGE. In all of my years in this industry, I have NEVER seen someone make progress that doesn’t come to the gym. You must show up. Period.
  2. Ditch the processed carbohydrates and sugar. Notice I did not lump all carbs into the “bad” category. This simplistic thinking vilifies some very healthy food choices like fruits and vegetables. Whole grains and beans are also a healthy choice for many people.
  3. Reign in that alcohol. Isolation and drinking go hand in hand for some of us, and while I’m a fan of “everything in moderation,” it’s easy to lose track of what that means. A four-ounce glass of wine a few nights a week is much different than knocking back three beers or mixed drinks every night. The extra calories from alcohol can be a big set back. Plus, people tend to make poorer food choices when they drink. Don’t forget that less alcohol also means better quality sleep (see the next item on the list).
  4. Get some sleep! Everyone needs seven to nine hours a night so their body and brain can recover. You might think this doesn’t apply to you but believe me, it does.
  5. Track your intake. I’ve long believed that writing down what you eat and drink is the most significant factor in reshaping behavior. Awareness of the cold, hard facts often brings behavior change. By keeping a written food journal or using the MyFitness app, you can really shine a light on some of those unconscious behaviors that are holding you back. Plus, sharing the info with your coach will help them offer support and suggestions. 🙂

But let me reiterate, I’m a fan of slow change. However, if you adhere to these five items you would quickly see results. These five items are HUGELY important. Heck, even doing one or two can be enough to put you on your way.

So let’s get started right now!

Look at the list. Which item(s) do you think you want to take on at this moment?

Maybe the answer is one, and perhaps it’s even zero. That’s ok! Just because you’ve identified that you NEED to change doesn’t mean YOU are ready to. Yet.

This inertia—or lack thereof—is all part of the process, and that process is different for everyone. There is no room for comparisons or judgments. You are just picking your way through your life on your timeframe.

If you need help navigating the transformation process just comment and I’ll see what I can do.

–Coach Brad

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