Jen Smith

Director of Member Services

The Help on the Other Side of the Phone

When Jen came to the Bodysmith in January 2015 she exclaimed, “I want to be fit, but I HATE exercise!” Many of us have felt that way from time to time, but she turned that attitude and her fitness around and that’s what makes her a great part of our Bodysmith Team.

How did Jen go from “hate to exercise” to “have to exercise?” She put in the time and started consistently attending our group classes at the Bodysmith. In fact, Jen now says that our 8 AM class became her “exercise family” and accountability buddies. As we all know, it’s often relationships that make the difference, and Jen has proven that first-hand!

So, by the time of our LBD challenge in the fall of 2015, Jen was ready to make some real waves. She had become an expert in her own fitness and nutrition and was able to lose 15 lbs of fat and 8 inches. She has maintained the progress gained throughout that 6-week challenge.

Prior to joining our Bodysmith team, Jen had been a stay-at-home mom for 18 years. We are excited to have her put her passion for organization to work at the Bodysmith.

Jen has been married to Brian for almost 29 years and has three kids: Chloe, Cooper & Colton. Jen loves spending time with Brian, being an empty nester, watching baseball, and encouraging others to reach their goals.

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