Maggie Martin

Maggie Martin

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What’s it take to make the Bodysmith do what we do, day in and day out? A team of energetic, joyful, encouraging employees who know that when we say “Welcome to the Bodysmith Family” we really mean it.

Take a look at Maggie Martin next time you come in, and you’ll understand. 

Maggie is a high school student at Marian and the first face many members see when they arrive. She is friendly, approachable and loves to help every chance she gets. In other words, she’s that really nice member of the family who can help make your day a little brighter. And that’s because she loves working at the Bodysmith: “The great people I meet every day, make the Bodysmith my dream job.”

In her free time she can be found doing homework (ah, the joys of high school), watching movies or hanging out with friends. If you draw Maggie’s name in the Secret Santa, you’d be safe buying her anything with Scooby-Doo as she is a big fan.