Kelsie Prall

Kelsie Prall

Member Services

Kelsie may be young, but she has some valuable insight to offer others. First, she has been working at the Bodysmith for almost four years, so she knows the ins and outs of the place. Second, she has had to endure significant fitness challenges when overcoming tears in her ACL and meniscus from soccer.

Having to experience the challenge of maintaining a fitness program under difficult conditions, Kelsie is glad to be a part of the Bodysmith team “My favorite part of working at the Bodysmith is building relationships with the members, and celebrating when they reach their goals. We’re kind of a family, so it makes everyone feel good.”

As one of our shake specialists, Kelsie provides a friendly face to all our members who come in the door, helping make their day bright. She loves pasta and carbs (who doesn’t?), and can be found eating breakfast at almost any time of the day.

Now in college, Kelsie is now looking ahead to what the future holds. She wants to find her own place, travel abroad and learn to ski. Who knows, maybe we’ll see her on “International House Hunters” (one of her favorite shows) in the years to come. 

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